Turn and Face the Strange

In October there were 2 very large life changes for me, one was my marriage to @FoxyQuant:

That's not a postcard, that's actually us. Thanks Jay Seth!

That’s not a postcard, that’s actually us. Thanks Jay Seth!

2nd was my departure from my firm of the last 5 years. I guess in Wall Street terms, 5 years is a good run. As part of my exit, I signed a confidentiality clause, a non-compete, and non-disparage clause so the reasoning I can offer here is limited. I can say that I had my personal best performance through Q3 and capital raised twice during the year. And while I did experience a draw down in the first few weeks of October, I was well within the defined limits and obviously had I held the positions, it’s very likely that I would be at high water mark currently. VIX 31 to 14 is my wheelhouse!

2014 Performance Q1-Q3

As with previous years performance, I am posting absolute daily returns. Over the course of the year my capital was increased once in January and once at the beginning of October. Therefore the scale/magnitude of both draw downs and draw ups (?) are impossible to compare.

Ironically, the volatility trading portion of the book delivered flattish results. Much of the gain this year was due to individual positions and risk arbitrage. I have a very strong conviction though, that similar to 2012, had I continued through year end the volatility portion would have been the primary P&L driver this year.

So currently I am enjoying the married life and looking at new opportunities. After 5 years I have an extensive network in the prop trading world however I feel it is prudent to look beyond that world. Recent events have made me think more about stability, both of a business and of capital, then in the past. Business risk was always something I knew of but only recently understood. As such, I am contemplating positions closer to the investor side of the business as opposed to management side. Positions in manager selection/asset allocation or perhaps even investor relations might be interesting. I haven’t really decided, at this time I’m simply doing research and talking to as many people as I can. My email is largecaptrader@gmail.com, please feel free to contact me with suggestions, advice, or chat!

~ by largecaptrader on November 7, 2014.

3 Responses to “Turn and Face the Strange”

  1. Congratulations! Especially for the 1st big event. But also for the 2nd.
    From a fan of your posts.

  2. Congrats to you and best wishes to the bride @Foxyquant. Let me know where you end up

  3. Congrats. Best for the future

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