Response to Salary History

I came across an interesting response regarding disclosing salary history during a job interview. Most negotiations tip and tactics that I’ve come across advise not mentioning a number until absolutely necessary. Additionally many people may be in awkward positions due to the job market where they are applying for a job far below their previous salary. In any case I wanted to post this somewhere where I would remember and perhaps it may help someone out there:

Here’s a great way to avoid this question. Like many other good job ideas, I first learned of this technique on the ask the headhunter’s blog. I’ve used it ever since, as it’s technically true (my contract does say it’s private and confidential) and is unanswerable:

“I’m sorry, that information, as with the rest of my current contract, is under NDA. I’d like to tell you it, but I’m unable to do so.” Any further pressure can be easily answered with “I’m not in a position to break the terms of a binding NDA here with you – I’m sure, if you choose to employ me, you’d expect the same professional and appropriate behaviour no matter to whom I’m talking; please recognise that professionalism here today.”

End of problem 🙂

~From Jonathan Matthews of London

~ by largecaptrader on February 16, 2011.

One Response to “Response to Salary History”

  1. I’d rather use “anchoring” – get your number out there first with the expected behavior that it will become the negotiating price. It becomes relative pricing.

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