Day Trading is Dead Article

Many of you have probably read this article but for those who haven’t, it’s worth the read.

What interests me is the paragraph on the rotation from day trading firms to trading education. I know a few people who have made far more money “training” traders then actually trading! Quite ludicrous in a way, but then again, just another irrational human behavior.

I believe most educational services are bogus. There is only one that I recommend since I have experience with it. I started reading it as a blog site in 2007 when it was completely free and has now evolved into a membership service. The charge is $250 for six month membership, a timescale and price I’m sure that was done on purpose. For those bad at math like me, that comes out to $500 per year. The site boasts 1500 members and growing so 1500 x 500 = $750,000 per year!!!! Incredible numbers and I assure you that is more then a majority of Wall Street traders. Perhaps only a handful at my firm make more then this.

The service is likely worth it because it includes a complete package of tools, methodologies, advice, and expertise. From the owners standpoint it makes complete sense, a diversified cash flow for something one needs to do anyway. There is a lot of scalability, perhaps just a lot more emails to answer and one can easily direct those to a FAQ or have existing members respond.

Amazing numbers for such a niche topic. I think this is a topic I’d like to delve a little deeper going forward.

~ by largecaptrader on January 2, 2011.

2 Responses to “Day Trading is Dead Article”

  1. Does the one you would recommend have a name? Contact info.? Thanks.

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