2011 YE Review

Took today and yesterday off work and though I have a ton of errands to run, I feel like procrastinating. Now seems like a good time to look back on the year, I’m not big into Resolutions but it probably makes sense to look at where I’ve come and where I’m going:

The Good
– Was hired full-time from a consultant for an up and coming prop trading firm. Firm has multiple seven figure guys, well capitalized, and high tolerance for risk. Good place to make some cash.
– Made some great connections and contacts through the firm and various sell-side guys. I feel a lot more confident if I ever needed to look again that I have some decent leads.
– Discovered twitter and a whole treasure chest of great traders and ideas. I’ve been tracking some members by hand and paper trading ideas in RT and am quite impressed with the results. We shall see what happens if the regime changes but so far so good.

The Bad
– Still looking for a proper allocation from the Partners. They’ve played lip service to it for months now and they are still dragging their feet. I’m submitting a proposal for them before work on Monday but I feel it’s “line in the sand” time with these guys. If something doesn’t give I may be forced to begin looking elsewhere, not what I want to do but I feel I don’t have much choice.
– Had to relocate the beginning half of the year to a much less desirable apartment. My old apt in Midtown West was beyond sweet so was a little depressed to move out. Currently looking for new pads in the financial district, saw a great spot but was taken before we could fill out an application. That’s life in the big city I guess.

The Ugly
– Personally it’s been a struggle. I was quite scared in all honesty coming into this new job that I really lost focus on a lot of my personal goals. Though my relationships with coworkers and colleagues has improved, I haven’t seen much of family. I took very few vacation days and when I did, I didn’t maximize my time. I have a young niece in London and I would very much like to see her more often.

Action Plan
1) Submit a business proposal to the partners ASAP.
2) Keep an ear to the ground for other opportunities.
3) Find a new apt.
4) Plan vacation and travel plans ahead and stay a little longer!

There you have it, a vague recap of the year that was 2010. Certainly not a banner year, but hopefully the new decade brings some changes. Comments, suggestions, etc are always welcome.

~ by largecaptrader on December 31, 2010.

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