Although the focus of this blog is on trading, I thought it prudent to post this link to a news article regarding the recent resignation of Senator Evan Bayh due to his disillusionment with Washington politics. In it he advocates the people directly vote out all incumbents and deliver a succinct message to Congress. I know absolutely nothing about this Senator, nor do I know if this is all some ploy to run for office in the future. I do wish to applaud this move if nothing else to draw some attention to the inefficiencies of our law making process. I am many times disgusted by the ways our government taxes and spends our money. Whats equally disgusting is how we as a society allow it to continue. Whether this is the right or wrong move, I’m not smart enough to know but any move at this point its better then doing nothing.



~ by largecaptrader on February 16, 2010.

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