QCOM Vol @ 38

I’m trying out stocktwits and my first real-time trade ‘reco’ is short qcom vol via the 40 straddle, slightly bullish right now. Did a similar play on TM over the weekend but at the time of this writing, 40 ops were still showing 38% vol….

Update: QCOM vol closed at 32% on the 40 line. $$$!

~ by largecaptrader on February 1, 2010.

4 Responses to “QCOM Vol @ 38”

  1. check out the analysis of QCOM @ prudentstockinvestor.wordpress.com
    , you may want to reconsider that short.

  2. This position was delta long, and short VOLATILITY, a bullish position. Took profits on it yesterday however vol continued to decline today.

  3. Understood, good luck. What ar your long-term thoughts on QCOM?

  4. I try to avoid long-term views on stocks, it seems like there has been a large and multi-day rotation out of large cap tech. One of the tech analysts on our desk was very weary of the ASP number and pointed specifically to that as the ‘problem’. I’ll check tomorrow if there is any QCOM specific research for a more thorough answer.

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