Discretionary Trading Update

After a slow period in the summer with vacations and the real world getting in the way I was able to turn up the frequency and start pumping out the trades. Here we go:

9/1/09 EWZ Bfly, +19%, 3 days

9/1/09 SPY Bfly, +10.2%, 3 days

9/3/09 GOOG Ratio Diagonal, +11.2%, 1 day  * I will go into these positions in more detail in future posts.

I recreated a hypothetical equity curve assuming $5,000 invested in each position. As you can see the 1 large losing trade significantly effected the profits. I blogged earlier my excuses for that trade, mainly that I was in another country at the time! In any case it should remind people WHY trade limited risk options rather then straight spot. If you’ve ever sat in a losing trade that just turned into a disaster, then please go through the posts on this blog.

Equity Curve

Equity Curve

~ by largecaptrader on September 5, 2009.

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