Hedge Fund Job Posting

Please be mindful of any job that requires ‘thick skin’, ask about turnover. If it is high, then its probably a sh*tty work environment and you will probably be forced to leave. I have no idea why this type of behavior by PMs is tolerated, its one thing to be demanding and/or have a little fun at the junior expenses. It’s another thing entirely to be a complete tyrant. Case in point when I was interviewing I went to 2 multi-billion dollar funds to interview. On the third round, right before meeting the PMs, the CFO took me aside and said, “look – you’ll make a lot of money but you’ll hate your life. This is the kind of place where if your right your wrong, and if your wrong your f*ked.” In contrast, at the other shop I was told that we needed to go through this quickly because there was a company sponsored event at ESPN Zone after work and he didn’t want to be the last one at the bar. I don’t know how these two funds were doing but the first firm was long stock (event driven) and the latter was short credit and MBS. This was summer of 2007….

I guess its the prerogative of the one in power to act as they please but keep in mind its your prerogative if you work for them.

Trading Assistant

Fast-Paced, dynamic hedge fund is looking for a smart, motivated junior person for entry level trading assistant role, watching stocks, markets, news and assisting with clerical responsibilities. Little experience required, 1-2 years will be considered but not necessary. A strong interest in equity trading is very important. Long hours, thick skin needed. Have the great opportunity to learn about trading / the markets by working directly with the firms principals and PMs.

Contact: xxtrader1@gmail.com


~ by largecaptrader on July 10, 2009.

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