Cocktails & Trading

Ok so this is nothing more then a service provider event where you will be bombarded with requests for business BUT it is an opportunity to get drunk on the floor of the NYSE! I’ve never personally been on the floor, only the AMEX, and I’m seriously considering the opportunity, despite the $100 fee. Leave a comment if your also thinking of going.

“An Evening of Cocktails and Trading”

Presented by

Fusion Business Group and Prime Executions, Inc.

Wednesday July 15th 2009

5:15pm –7:30pm

We would like to invite Hedge Fund professionals to join us for a unique summer evening

of Hors d’oeuvres, cocktails and simulated trading on the Floor of The New York Stock Exchange.

In addition, there will be sponsor booths giving you the opportunity to discuss services and products geared  towards Hedge Fund start-ups and funds looking to meet new service providers.

Registration fee is  $100 and must be paid in advance.  If you are a service provider and are interested in attending the event, there are limited sponsorship slots available

due to NYSE security  there will be no exceptions made

~ by largecaptrader on July 1, 2009.

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