Hedge Fund Job Posting

An overlooked source of job openings is Craigslist in the major trading hubs. This is an excellent opportunity for someone new to the field. I actually made it to the third round at this firm years ago but completely bombed on some easy math questions; I was way too excited and nervous at the time, somewhat surprised I had made it that far! Hopefully some of you have better luck.

We are a proprietary trading firm focused on market making in exchange-traded derivative products. Our strength lies in seeking out arbitrage opportunities in financial derivatives across a broad array of products. Extensive experience in trading combined with sophisticated modeling and cutting edge technology enable us to actively trade in markets around the globe.

The firm has a presence on several major exchanges where our traders make markets in numerous listed derivatives. We also actively trade and make markets from our off-floor operations where the firm’s overall risk is monitored.

The firm was founded in 2001 with approximately 15 employees. Initially, the firm focused on equity index arbitrage trading on the American Stock Exchange and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. After gaining a solid foothold in those markets, we expanded to energy derivatives trading at the New York Mercantile Exchange. In 2004, the firm moved into European and Asian markets. The firm currently employs over 50 professionals in our New York, Chicago, and London offices. Our headquarters is located in White Plains, NY.

Proprietary Trading Firm seeks assistant trader. Assistant traders provide trading and operational support to senior traders. Senior traders identify new trading opportunities and assistant traders aid in the research, back-testing, and live testing of new trades.

Daily duties include profit and loss reconciliation, executing basic trades, and acting as liaison between traders and back office. Proven team players will be promoted to trade existing and/or new strategies once they exhibit requisite skills, typically between six and 18 months.

We’re looking for exceptionally motivated individuals to support fast-growing, commodity and equity derivatives trading strategies. Candidate must be organized, detail oriented, and be able to generate and implement methods to increase productivity. Bachelor’s degree required, and any major may apply, however a strong math/statistics background is preferred. Basic Excel knowledge is necessary and stronger programming (specifically, Excel/Visual Basic) skills are a plus.

Please send along with your resume, a cover letter indictating why you are interested in the position and what you can offer us.




~ by largecaptrader on June 30, 2009.

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