2009 Grads Taking Non-Profit/Govy Jobs

This article from bloomberg made me smile. (Warning, I won’t be winning any diplomacy awards with my interpretation of this article). In essence, the story states that a larger percentage of undergrads are ‘shunning’ Wall Street for non-profit jobs and government jobs. Many are taking jobs with Teach for America so they can ‘make a difference’.

I only have two words for you Amherst:


I graduated in a tough economic recession in 2002. It is probably one of the WORST things to happen to anyone. Any one of my classmates at the time would have absolutely jumped on ANY corporate job that would even bless us with a Rejection Letter. Most of us did not even get those. And so we were forced to take subpar jobs, in government agencies, non-profits, factories, bank tellers, and grocery stores. I went to a supposed Top-Tier Ivy League type school for the simple reason that I believed I could get a good job after graduation based on the pedigree. And for the privilege I was conferred upon heavy chains and an anchor I like to call Student Loans.

As bitter and shallow as this sounds, I am both pleased that another generation will have to experience some of the same pain that myself and classmates went through and hence can empathize, tempered though with the fact that this particular year & class will have it even more difficult then we did. It takes years to realize that much of life revolves around the intangibles and uncontrollable. It’s hard to understand the year you graduate will have profound impact on where you will be later in life. Malcolm Galdwell made a similar argument in his book, “Tipping Point“, that success in sports was correlated to the time of year you were born. My advice to 2009, go back to school, take a year off, call in sick for a semester, just delay your graduation until such time as the job market picks up.


~ by largecaptrader on June 23, 2009.

One Response to “2009 Grads Taking Non-Profit/Govy Jobs”

  1. Great story! As a recent MBA graduate (Harvard – class of 2009!), I absolutely appreciate its context!


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